2024 color trends: a refreshing palette for the summer

By Jurassic JennJun 17, 2024 07:03 AMFashion
2024 color trends
2024 color trends. Source: www.ellecanada.com

When it comes to color trends in 2024, the fashion scene is embracing a captivating mix of classics and vibrant pops. This season, the runway showcases a palette filled with black, white, and red tones, all so versatile that they can be incorporated into any wardrobe. Let's dive into these captivating color trends without further ado. This was reported by SSPDaily.

Cherry Red

Cherry red has become a staple that dominated the second half of 2023 and remains ubiquitous in the spring 2024 collections. Designers like Robert Wun, Valentino, Miss Sohee, and Simone Rocha have showcased stunning pieces in this vibrant shade. Why not try a flirty red and pink slip dress from LoveShackFancy to effortlessly elevate your outfit?

Alabaster White

Classic white is ever-present, and this spring, it's achieving new heights. Crisp white and creamy looks took over the runways, with designers like Fendi, Robert Wun, JPG Couture, and Aelis making a statement with this versatile shade. White is no longer just reserved for bridal gowns and Easter; it offers a high-contrast alternative to traditional pastels.

Black and White

The timeless color combination of black and white has resurged as the biggest color trend this season. Designers such as Fendi, Ashi Studio, Alexander Wang, and Viktor and Rolf showcased stunning creations by incorporating black with white through sheer fabrics, light-reflecting textiles, and strategic cuts. This reimagination of the classic offers a perfect choice for both indie sleaze and nightlife-inspired attire.


Drawing inspiration from the '90s, soft and cool-toned browns have remained a trending neutral for multiple seasons. Even as black regains popularity, cool-toned browns continue to carry their allure, offering an alternative to the conventional black pieces. Dark and charismatic, these shades provide subtle yet sophisticated aesthetics.

Rich Blues

For a bold and captivating combination, vibrant blues paired with neutrals are stealing the spotlight on runways this spring. Rich and saturated blues, particularly when paired with cool brown shades, create a winning color scheme. This impactful choice creates depth and character, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to any outfit.


While it may seem a bit early to embrace the forthcoming spring season, one can't help but be drawn to the influx of pistachio green. This unexpected shade adds a fresh and playful pop of color to eveningwear. Erdem and Ulla Johnson grace us with their take on pistachio, proving that this pastel hue flatters a wide range of skin tones. It's time to invest in a pistachio trench coat, as suggested by Brandon Maxwell.

Powder Blue

Soft and delicate pastels continue to dominate 2024, and powder blue emerges as a crowd favorite. This enchanting color evokes a Cinderella-like feel and can effortlessly elevate any ensemble. Suitable for all seasons, this icy-toned pastel finds its place in chunky winter knits as well as summer dresses. STAUD showcases a non-traditional powder blue suit, perfect for making a fashion-forward statement.

Millennial Pink

Just when we thought that millennial pink had reached peak popularity back in 2015, it proves resilient with a strong comeback in 2024. Tory Burch's spring/summer collection features a gravity-defying mini dress in this iconic shade, and it already gained recognition after being worn by Hailey Bieber. The air of nostalgia surrounding millennial pink follows us into the world of fashion once again.

Canary Yellow

If you're seeking an instant mood booster, look no further than a vibrant shade of canary yellow. This bright and bold color adds a statement touch to any outfit. Experiment by layering different shades of yellow for a monochromatic look or use it as a striking accent color. Altuzarra and Erdem masterfully combine canary yellow with black, creating a moody yet wearable look for all seasons.

Forest Green

While forest green may elicit memories of cozy winter weather, 2024 fashion designers are incorporating this hue into their spring and summer collections. JW Anderson showcases the versatility of forest green, proving it can exist beyond the colder months. From outerwear to practical dresses for the office, this rich shade offers an organic yet sophisticated approach to fashion.

Silver Shimmer

Embracing metallics is definitely more of a staple than a trendy move in 2024. Shimmering silver skirts, dresses, and tops reign supreme on the runways this season. Designers like JW Anderson and Gabriela Hearst lead the way in incorporating metallic silver into their collections. Prepare to see an increase in head-to-toe metallic looks that command attention.

Lavender Haze

The captivating allure of lavender remains strong as the trend extends into 2024. This delicate yet enduring color found its place in the collections of esteemed designers such as Coach, Phillip Lim, and Carolina Herrera. These brands exemplify the versatility of lavender, utilizing knits, lace, and sheer materials to highlight its enchanting nature.

Khaki Brown

Khaki brown takes the stage as the perfect neutral shade. Even if you were never a fan of khaki pants, designers like Phillip Lim and Coach will challenge your perspective. A khaki jacket acts as a canvas for vibrant pops of color while remaining a versatile wardrobe staple. The it girls of the fashion world are embracing khaki brown and giving it a newfound allure.

Burnt Orange

To spice up your wardrobe, look no further than the bold and captivating shade of burnt orange. Designers across the industry have fallen in love with this versatile color, realizing its capability to make a statement. As much as we associate burnt orange with fall, its appeal extends throughout the year, making it a transformative hue worth exploring.

These delightful color trends for 2024 bring a refreshing energy to the fashion scene. From captivating hues like cherry red to the enduring charm of black and white, these colors offer endless possibilities for experimentation and self-expression. Embrace the power of color and let your imagination run wild when incorporating these trends into your summer wardrobe.

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