AI Disclaimer

AI content disclaimer: our approach to using AI



Why we provide this disclaimer


At SSPDaily, we acknowledge the significant impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the publishing industry. As advocates of transparency, integrity, and accountability, we aim to openly share our approach to using AI and emphasize its role as a complement to human intelligence, not a replacement.


Our core principles for AI implementation


Harnessing AI for positive impact: we firmly believe that AI can enhance the publishing process and bring value to our work. However, we emphasize the importance of using AI thoughtfully and responsibly to maintain the highest standards of quality.


Editorial control and human expertise: while AI is a valuable tool, we acknowledge that it should never assume a leading role. All AI activities are conducted under the guidance and supervision of our human professionals. Human intelligence and expertise are essential to ensure optimal outcomes.


Gradual integration and evaluation: we approach the integration of AI with caution, conducting thorough assessments of its impact on our results. For us, successful integration means tangible improvements rather than simply adopting AI for novelty's sake.


Transparency as a priority: above all, we are committed to transparently disclosing our use of AI to our readers. Openness is crucial in building trust and maintaining a strong relationship with our community.


How we use AI


  • Article writing

In the article drafting process, AI serves as a supportive tool under human supervision. Our editors manually evaluate all text for accuracy and quality, adhering to rigorous fact-checking protocols. While AI assists in identifying potential topics and organizing information, it is our human editors who are responsible for crafting and finalizing the articles. AI aids in discovering potential article topics, but the ultimate selection and development of those topics rest with our talented team of editors, not AI.


  • Multimedia

AI plays a role in certain aspects of image generation, although not all images on our site are AI-generated. In cases where AI supports post-production editing for photographs, our team meticulously evaluates every AI intervention to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.


By adhering to these principles and utilizing AI as a valuable tool, we strive to maintain the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and transparency in our content. Our commitment to human expertise and editorial control remains unwavering, ensuring that AI enhances our work while upholding the integrity of our publishing practices.


AI content disclaimer: our approach to using AI