Top 10 hits of Duran Duran: from "Planet Earth" to "Ordinary World"

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Top 10 hits of Duran Duran
Top 10 hits of Duran Duran. Source:

The British band Duran Duran has left an indelible mark on music culture. Duran Duran's music videos were innovative, organically combining music and visual effects to create an incredible visual spectacle. SSPDaily prepared a list of their top hits.

The band started with the synth-pop genre and attracted people with atmospheric synthesizers and dance rhythms. What Duran Duran songs are the most popular to this day, writes singersroom.

The band consists of: Simon Le Bon (vocals), Nick Rhodes (keyboards), John Taylor (bass), Roger Taylor (drums), and Andy Taylor (guitar).

The main compositions of Duran Duran:

1. Ordinary World

2. Hungry Like the Wolf

3. Rio

4. Girls on Film

5. The Reflex

6. Save a Prayer

7. Come Undone

8. Is There Something I Should Know?

9. Wild Boys

10. A View to a Kill


1. "Ordinary World"

The song"Ordinary World" is one of the iconic compositions by Duran Duran. This touching ballad impresses with its musical beauty and deep lyrics. Simon Le Bon gives the song a special emotionality, telling about sadness and loss.

The gentle sounds of strings and piano create a wonderful atmosphere around the touching words.

Even many years after its release, the composition continues to enchant listeners. Such themes are still relevant today, which confirms the status of Duran Duran's big hit.

Interestingly, Rolling Stone magazine noted that Simon Le Bon and John Taylor wrote this song together after a period of creative search within the band.

2. "Hungry Like the Wolf"

"Hungry Like the Wolf" is a real gem in the Duran Duran collection. Its magical sound and explosive energy have won the hearts of audiences around the world. It features a catchy melody, memorable rhythm, and powerful vocals. This composition combines elements of new wave and synth-pop, creating a sound that bursts into our days with the same freshness as at the time of its creation.

It was thanks to tracks like this that Duran Duran gained international fame and forever left a mark on the history of music.

3. "Rio"

"Rio" is an integral part of music history. This composition combines elements of new wave, pop and rock.

In 1982, "Rio" reached #9 in the UK and #14 in the US. This song did not win any awards, but is still a favorite of many fans.

To this day, Rio continues to inspire fans and excite them with its lyrics. It's a contagious track that will never go out of style. On the dance floor, this track will definitely put you in a fun mood.

4. "Girls on Film"

"Girls on Film" has won the hearts of listeners with its great sound and deep lyrics. The fusion of pop and rock performed by this band is a unique musical experience. The incredible track by Duran Duran Girls on Film captivated the audience with its great sound and meaningful lyrics.

This track features an exciting melody, infectious rhythm and lyrics that make you think about fame. Simon Le Bon's vocals, Andy Taylor's fiery guitar riffs, and Nick Rhodes' mesmerizing synth melodies turn it into a true work of art.

At the time, the video caused a huge response with its explicit content and provocative images. The track further cemented Duran Duran's popularity in the music scene.

5. "The Reflex"

The Reflex is a classic track that takes the fifth place. The skill of the musicians made this track a cult one. The composition was released in 1984 and took the first place on the charts in the UK and the USA.

Listeners were mesmerized by Simon Le Bon's vocals, along with the infectious melody. Notice how the catchy choruses and introspective lyrics are harmoniously intertwined. This unique combination makes "The Reflex" a truly great work of art.

6. "Save a Prayer"

The sixth track "Save a Prayer" is a classic that mesmerizes with its melody and lyrics. Fans love it for the skill of Simon Le Bon, who perfectly conveys vulnerability and longing. Ethereal synthesizers and guitar riffs create a fairytale atmosphere. Don't miss this track and enjoy this anthem of hard times.

7. "Come Undone"

"Come Undone" is another amazing track from Duran Duran. It professionally combines pop elements with deep themes, creating an incredibly magical musical journey.

Simon Le Bon, as a skillful storyteller, conveys a love story. The lyrics talk about lost feelings, and the guitar chords and synthesizer create an atmosphere full of dreaminess and harmony.

Listen to this melody in your headphones and appreciate every note of this charming composition.

8. "Is There Something I Should Know?"

"Is There Something I Should Know?" - is a classic from the repertoire of Duran Duran. This song is appreciated for its distinctive style and thought-provoking lyrics.

It sings about important things like self-understanding and uncertainty. The chorus and musical accompaniment are very strong. Fans still love this song. Back in 1983, it was number one on the British singles chart!

9. "Wild Boys"

"Wild Boys" has won the hearts of music lovers around the world. This composition is a great example of the band's skill and creative inspiration. The melody was made in 1984 and immediately appealed to everyone who heard it.

The words of "Wild Boys" transport us to an atmosphere of rebellion and urgency. Duran Duran was able to make this song special thanks to its timeless sound.

10. "A View to a Kill"

The infectious melody of "A View to a Kill" closes the top ten Duran Duran songs. It was specially written for the James Bond movie "A View to a Kill". The song became the only Bond-related hit to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The pulsating rhythm of "A View to a Kill" makes it a timeless anthem that continues to thrill audiences to this day.

With this song, Duran Duran cemented their status as one of the most influential bands in show business in the 1980s.

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