13 facts about kissing that will change your attitude to it for the better

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13 facts about kissing
13 facts about kissing. Source: www.jpost.com

Kissing has many definitions, but no matter what you call it, the main thing is that it is part of a relationship and an obvious extension of falling in love. Unfortunately, without them, any beautiful romance has no prospects, because if people are not able to take such a step towards each other, it is unlikely that they should meet.

Your Tango writes: "It turns out that there is a whole scientific discipline called philematology that studies kisses and their effect on humans. We, for our part, also want to contribute to this cause and present a list of interesting facts about kissing, after reading which you will understand why you need to do qi m as often as possible."

Our way of kissing is formed in the womb

Look at a kiss in any Hollywood movie, painting, or sculpture, and you'll most often see couples leaning to the right. Why is this?

Researchers observed this phenomenon and noticed that two-thirds of kissing couples tilt their heads to the right. As a result, scientists have concluded that this habit is born in the womb, where we are in this position.

Why do we kiss on the lips?

We kiss on the lips because it is very pleasant. There are more nerve endings in our lips than in any other part of the body, so it's a natural way to get pleasure and produce happy hormones.

What muscles are responsible for kissing?

A group of British researchers from the Rhine Institute at University College London studied kissing couples under a magnetic resonance imaging scanner and found that kissing mainly involves the orbicularis oris (the muscle around the mouth). In total, one kiss requires the coordination of 146 muscles, including 34 facial and 112 postural muscles.

Are there any benefits to kissing?

There are many effects that you can experience when you do it, but the most interesting fact is that kissing helps strengthen the muscles of the face. In fact, it means training them and bringing them into the right tone.

The love of kissing comes from rats

Scientists from the University of Tokyo believe that our love of kissing comes from the ancient rat.

Mice and humans have a surprisingly similar genetic makeup - they share a common ancestor who lived about 75-125 million years ago. This ancient rat-like creature was named Eomaia scansoria (Eomaia is Greek for "ancient mother" and scansoria is Latin for "climber").

According to scientists, this creature rubbed its noses with its partner to taste his pheromones and signal desire. So, in essence, human kissing is an imitation of rodent behavior.

Is kissing illegal?

On July 16, 1439, King Henry VI banned kissing on the lips in England. What was his reasoning? This was done to limit the spread of disease in the kingdom.

Later, Henry's ban became the impetus for many other strange kissing bans around the world. For example, in Naples in the 16th century, kissing in public was not only prohibited but also punishable by death.

By the way, in the early 20th century in France, on trains, passengers were so often involved in intimate relationships that they were officially banned from kissing.

Does kissing really have side effects? Unfortunately, yes. Various diseases and infections can be transmitted in this way, such as mononucleosis, cold sores, glandular fever, and tooth decay.

The most unhygienic tradition

Every year, more than 400,000 tourists gather to kiss the Blarney Stone near Cork, Ireland. This place is called the most "unhygienic" attraction in the world. According to a local legend, those who lean forward to kiss the stone are rewarded with the "gift of talkativeness."

Why real kisses have not been filmed in movies for a long time

Some of the greatest kisses in Hollywood history can hardly be called real. Back in 1930, censorship rules called the Hays Code forbade acting couples to kiss in a horizontal position (i.e., lying down). In addition, on screen, married couples had to sleep in double beds, and if kissing took place on beds, one of the actors had to put his foot on the floor.

Yes, and they could not kiss for more than three seconds.

However, the directors found a way around this problem. During the filming of the 1946 movie Notoriety, Alfred Hitchcock made Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant kiss repeatedly, briefly interrupted by dialog and movement. It is now considered one of the sexiest scenes in cinema at the time.

Fortunately, this ban was lifted in the late 1960s.

How to make a career out of kissing

In case you are so fascinated by kissing that you want to make a career out of it, the science that deals with their study is called philematology. And those who study kisses are called oculologists.

This couple's record-breaking kiss is incredible

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the record for the longest kiss in the world belongs to Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand. This couple kept their lips together for 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds.

Kissing prolongs life

A study by Clorox has shown that men who kiss their wives before going to work live five years longer than those who do not. It turns out that kissing boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, and relieves stress and anxiety.

Interesting statistics

According to The Normal Bar, only a little more than half of the world's lovers kiss passionately.

The average person spends 20,160 minutes kissing, or two weeks of their life.

A British study conducted by eHarmony for publication as part of The Rose Project tracked the number of dates, breakups, and one-night stands that men and women need to find lasting love - and kissing was not left out. It was found that women need 15 kisses and men need 16.

Kissing is good for your health

Medicine claims that kissing burns about two to three calories per minute, strengthens our immune system, and relieves pain, including pain as severe as toothache.

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