Bangs at 45: three options that will "cut off" several years

By SSPDailyMar 21, 2024 10:05 AMFashion
Three options that will "cut off" several years
Three options that will ''cut off'' several years. Source:

If you decide to have bangs after the age of 40, it is very important not to make a mistake with your choice. There are many variants of bangs: with a soft cut, with clear edges, torn, careless, above the eyebrows, combed to the side or diverging in different directions. And not all of them are suitable for women aged 45 and older.

That's why we decided to choose three options for you that will definitely rejuvenate you. SSPDaily tells about it.

Long bangs to the side

Last year, the Barbie fashion returned, and with it came the time for bangs, like those of our childhood dolls. This is a single strand that covers part of the forehead with a soft wave and smoothly turns into the main length.

The main advantage of such bangs is their asymmetry, because thanks to it, they visually stretch the face and create additional hair volume.

Another advantage is that the strand distracts attention from wrinkles on the forehead, and the features visually become more feminine and softer. This option is universal, that is, it is bangs that will suit everyone, regardless of hair length or face shape.

The downside is the need for styling. If you do not do this, the hair will fall on your face and look untidy. But such care will not take much time and effort.

Soft semicircle

It is worth noting that here we are not talking about massive and dense bangs that only weigh down the upper part of the face, but about thinned, torn strands at the ends that help make the oval softer.

Bangs of this plan are perfectly combined with cascading haircuts that are popular today, because the strands flow nicely into each other and aesthetically frame the face. A soft semicircle fits perfectly into this harmony. And when styling, you should add a little carelessness to make the look light.

Curtain bangs

Although this variant of bangs may look a bit frivolous, on the other hand, it adds elegance to the image, because it symmetrically frames the face. Curtain bangs go well with cascading haircuts, do not require complicated styling, and can either completely cover a wrinkled forehead or be divided into two parts and laid to the sides.

Thanks to such bangs, facial features soften, which helps to rejuvenate. The strands draw people's attention to themselves and hide wrinkles.

If you've been dreaming of bangs for a long time, a curtain will be an ideal option. After all, it will grow evenly and will simply gradually turn into the main volume of hair. And this is what you need if you are not sure about your choice.

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