Do you need to remove lower leaves of cabbage: tips for a good harvest

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Do you need to remove lower leaves of cabbage
Do you need to remove lower leaves of cabbage. Source:

Owners often cut off the lower leaves of cabbage because of the belief that this promotes better vegetable growth. However, this technique can even harm the plant if not done properly. SSPDaily explained when and how to do it.

The importance of cabbage leaves

Each leaf contains essential trace elements and vitamins that contribute to the overall nutritional value. In addition, during growth, cabbage leaves release substances that help extend their shelf life. In addition, during drought, they protect the fruit from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, it is important to consider all these aspects before cutting off the lower leaves.

When to refrain from pruning

Removing even one healthy cauliflower leaf can significantly reduce the overall yield. It is best to get rid of only those leaves that show signs of rot or disease. For example, those that appear during long periods of rain.

When to remove the lower leaves

  • Sick cabbage

All measures must be taken if the cabbage shows signs of bacteriosis, which can be recognized by yellow triangles along the edges of the leaves and black spots over the entire surface. Therefore, simply removing the lower leaves may not be enough and you may need to cut off the entire cabbage to protect other nearby vegetables.

  • Pest infestation

Insects such as cabbage flies, whiteflies, and moths often take refuge in the lower leaves of cabbage. If you notice larvae or eggs, you must remove the affected area immediately to prevent further damage.

  • Leaf rot

Constant rain or improper watering can cause vegetables to rot. To save the cabbage and prevent the process from progressing further, you need to cut off the affected leaves. This also means removing the yellowed and dried out cover that has already given up its nutrients to the cabbage.

  • Loose heads of cabbage

If the head of cabbage is loose and does not have sufficient density during the growth process, removing the lower leaves about a month before harvesting can help increase the weight and quality of the cabbage.

  • Limited space

If the cabbage is planted too densely and does not have enough room to grow, carefully removing the large lower leaves can create more space for the vegetables to develop.

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