February 17 - what is the church holiday, why you should drink plenty of cold water

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February 17 - what is the church holiday, why you should drink plenty of cold water
February 17 - what is the church holiday, why you should drink plenty of cold water. Source: kyiv.ukrainianwall.com

Tomorrow, February 17, is the day of remembrance of the Holy Martyr Theodore Tyrone in the Orthodox calendar. The Holy Martyr Theodore Tyrone was a soldier in the Roman army who suffered for the Christian faith during the great persecution of Diocletian in the early fourth century. Theodore was born in Amasea, Pontus, into a Christian family. He served in the Roman army, but kept his faith a secret until he received a sign from God to sacrifice himself. SSPDaily tells about it.

When his military unit was sent to Pontus for the winter, he was ordered to sacrifice to idols, but he refused and confessed his faith in the divinity of Jesus Christ. At night he went to a pagan temple and destroyed the altar of the goddess Rhea, the mother of the gods, which caused great indignation in the city of Euchaiti.

Theodore was detained by one of the temple servants and brought to the governor Puplius. Theodore did not resist and calmly answered Puplius' questions. The young man argued that it was ridiculous to consider a soulless piece of wood, which was reduced to ashes in a moment, as God, and Puplius threatened him with the most severe torture. Theodore replied: "Your threats do not frighten me, for the power of Christ will be my joy and consolation in torment." The governor threw Theodore into prison without food. That same night, Christ appeared to the martyr to encourage him and promise him that His grace was his brave servant for food, joy, and protection.

Puplius ordered Theodore to be burned at the stake, but the fire did not touch his body. Then he had his chest pierced with a spear, and the young man died expressing his gratitude to God for His mercy. Theodore's body was buried in Euchait, and his relics were transferred to Constantinople in 319.

Church holiday on February 17 - the day of memory of the Holy Martyr Marianna

The Holy Martyr Marianne was a Franciscan nun who was born in Germany in 1838, but moved with her family to the United States when she was nine months old. She served as a teacher, head nurse, and superior in Catholic schools and hospitals in New York State. In 1883, she answered a call from Pope Leo XIII to help leprosy (or Hansen's disease) patients in Hawaii. She and six other sisters traveled to the island of Oahu, where they opened a home for the children of parents suffering from leprosy. Later, she moved to the island of Maui, where she ran the first general hospital on the island, as well as the St. Anthony School. In 1888, she and her sisters moved to the Kalaupapa Peninsula on the island of Molokai, where they cared for leprosy patients who had been ostracized from society. She continued to serve on Molokai until her death in 1918.

Signs for February 17

  • Warm weather - to a hot summer, and vice versa.
  • Fog - May will be cool.
  • It is snowing - to a big harvest.

What not to do tomorrow

On this day, our ancestors tried not to wear too elegant clothes; on the contrary, it was believed that old things would bring happiness. But in addition, you should forget about the black color, which brings trouble. You can't cut your hair - according to beliefs, a person is left without material well-being.

What to do tomorrow

It was believed that one should drink as much cold water as possible all day long to help cleanse the body of all kinds of diseases. Also, St. Theodore is prayed to for a lost person or thing to be found.

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