How to grow a fertile lemon in your garden from seed

By Andrii MaistrenkoApr 4, 2024 08:30 AMGarden
How to grow a fertile lemon
How to grow a fertile lemon. Source:

Growing a fertile lemon tree in your garden from seed is a surprisingly simple process that can bring joy all year round. By following a few tips and tricks, you can ensure the successful growth of lemon trees and witness the beauty of the blooming fruit. This was reported by SSPDaily.

To begin with, choosing the right seeds is crucial. Choose large seeds and remove the outer shell from them. Immerse the seed in water, changing the water daily, and leave it for a week. It is advisable to plant several seeds at the same time, as not all of them can germinate.

Then prepare a suitable pot for planting by putting drainage in the bottom. Fill the pot with citrus potting soil, which you can buy in the store or make yourself by combining humus, leafy soil, sand and peat in equal parts. After moistening the soil, bury the seeds to a depth of about 2 cm.

After 2-4 weeks, you will notice the first shoots. When the young plant has five leaves, move the pot to a warm place, away from direct sunlight. Occasionally expose the plant to a light source for part of the week to promote healthy growth.

To create a humid environment for the lemon tree, spray it regularly with water. This will help maintain the moisture level necessary for its well-being.

Prune the lemon tree in the spring to encourage flowering. In addition, once a year you should transplant the lemon tree into a larger pot, each time increasing the size of the pot by about 5 cm. Ideally, repotting should be done in July or February.

From February to September, fertilize the lemon tree with small, regular portions of a liquid biofertilizer. This promotes nutrient absorption and overall plant health.

If your lemon tree starts to flower in the first year, it is advisable to remove the flowers and graft the tree to stimulate the development of yield. This process unlocks the potential for a bountiful lemon harvest.

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