How to quickly remove mold from a mattress: 3 professional tips from a cleaning specialist

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How to quickly remove mold from a mattress
How to quickly remove mold from a mattress. Source:

The mattresses on our beds are quite vulnerable to the external environment. They can be cut, burned, flooded with water, and mold can also appear on them. This was reported by SSPDaily.

"And this," Tom's Guide writes, "is one of the most insidious ways to ruin a mattress. After all, mold spots don't always appear in obvious places and aren't always black - they can be subtle, white or pink, with a light fluffy texture."

What to do if you notice signs of mold on your mattress and how to get rid of it? Here are some professional tips from a leading mattress cleaning expert, Stanislav Slavov Ivanov of Fantastic Services.

How to detect mold on a mattress

Mold spreads quickly in poorly lit, warm, humid rooms. Food or drinks that get inside the mattress can become a breeding ground for it.

If the conditions in your bedroom are similar to those described above, you should know how to identify the signs of the problem.

"If you notice that your mattress has changed color or acquired an unusual odor, be sure to have it inspected," advises Stanislav.

If the spots found are purple, brown, or green, it means that the mold is already old. In this case, it is best to replace the mattress. However, mold spots that are black, off-white, or pink in color may mean that the mattress can still be saved.

How to remove mold?

"Luckily," says Stanislav, "you don't need expensive equipment and products. You need to take 3 simple steps and use ingredients that you probably already have in the house.


  • Remove all the bedding, wash it in hot water, and vacuum the mattress from all sides, paying special attention to the underside.
  • Clean and treat all areas affected by mold with warm soapy water. You can use a solution of rubbing alcohol or a solution of hydrogen peroxide, depending on what works for you.
  • After removing the stains, let the mattress dry completely in direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light is great for killing mold spores as well as dust mites.

After the mattress is dry, put a cover on it to protect it from future moisture, spills, or drinks.

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