Not afraid of frost and blooming all summer: what flowers to plant in March

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Not afraid of frost and blooming all summer
Not afraid of frost and blooming all summer. Source:

After a long spring, nature begins to revive. Although the first month of spring is often marked by frost and frost, some plants germinate even in the cold. They can be planted as early as March.

We will tell you what flowers to plant in the first month of spring below. SSPDaily tells about it.

Flowers that grow in March

Annual phlox

These flowers should be planted in March. The first sprouts will begin to appear in 5-8 days, but they can be planted in April-May when the ground warms up enough. They begin to bloom in June until the first frost.


These flowers are a great decoration for terraces in warm weather. However, they also look great in the garden. To do this, sow the seeds superficially, and after a week or two, the first leaves will appear. After the frost, the petunia can be transplanted into the open ground, where it will bloom until the end of autumn.


Among the others, this plant is unpretentious. It has bright colors and blooms from spring until the frost. Verbena seeds can be sown as early as March. The first sprouts will be visible in 15 days.


Lavender can repel flies, mosquitoes, various pests, and moths with its aroma. It is usually planted in front of bedroom or living room windows. Lavender will bloom until the end of October.

Options for flowers that can be sown:

  • annual aster;
  • petunia;
  • annual dahlias;
  • snapdragon;
  • verbena;
  • zinnia;
  • bellflower.

Flowers that are not afraid of frost

There are flowers in nature that can germinate even under the most unfavorable conditions. They grow and bloom in regions with mild winters and temperatures ranging from -3°C to +5°C.

Some of them can bloom in the garden:

  • hellebore;
  • amaryllis;
  • peony;
  • witch hazel;
  • winter jasmine;
  • camellia.


This flower blooms in early spring and is characterized by yellow and white flowers with a sweet lemon scent. Honeysuckle blooms in early spring when other plants are still sleeping. During cold weather, honeysuckle should be protected, as the plant can withstand frost only down to -15 degrees.

Which flowers can withstand frost?

Bulbous flowers should be the first to be planted in spring. These include tulips, daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, and others. Subsequently, new flowers should be planted in their place.


To plant tulips, you should focus on the air temperature. The optimal temperature is +7-10 degrees. However, you should be careful here, because there is a high probability of flower death. When planted in the ground before winter, the bulbs have time to take root in the fall. With the onset of heat, the plants begin to develop actively, and buds appear.

For tulips, it is best to choose a shaded area from which rain and melt water quickly leaves. In addition, they "reach out" for light, which leads to curvature of the stems. When there is too much moisture, the likelihood of disease spread increases.

In early spring, you can also plant small bulbous flowers

  • phlox
  • carnation
  • arabis.

What flowers to give in spring?

A flower bouquet is always a favorite gift at any time of the year. Seasonal bouquets create the right mood.

The following flowers are good options for a gift:

  • Crocuses. They attract primarily with their bright color after a gloomy winter.
  • Daffodils. They can be both white and yellow. A bouquet of daffodils can bring success. Therefore, it will be an ideal gift for a loved one.
  • Hyacinths. Flowers emphasize cheerfulness, optimism, and a sense of happiness.
  • Iris. At first glance, an unpretentious and modest flower, but at the same time exquisite.

Among other options:

  • mimosa
  • genista
  • tanacetum
  • viburnum
  • oxypetalum
  • chamelacium.
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