When is the best time to sow forget-me-nots in 2024: how to do it correctly to ensure that every seed germinates

By SSPDailyMar 21, 2024 12:02 PMGarden
When is the best time to sow forget-me-nots in 2024
When is the best time to sow forget-me-nots in 2024. Source: www.gardenersworld.com

Marigolds are quite undemanding in their care, not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, and bloom for a long time. Their scent not only attracts and pleases but also repels rodents from the house and garden. Therefore, these flowers should definitely be in your flower bed. We will tell you when it is best to sow marigold seeds, how to plant seedlings, and care for the flowers. SSPDaily tells about it.

The best time to sow marigolds outdoors in 2024

You can sow flowers when there are no more ice lumps in the ground, and the daily temperature is at least five degrees Celsius. According to the lunar calendar, in 2024, the best time will be the end of March and the beginning of April. If the weather in your region is cold and there are frequent frosts, you can sow marigolds for seedlings in early March and then plant them in the open ground in April.

How to properly plant marigolds in the open ground

It is better to choose a site for marigolds that has the maximum amount of light and no groundwater near the surface because marigolds do not like excessive moisture. The furrows for sowing seeds should be at least four centimeters deep but not more than five. The distance between the rows should be 30-40 centimeters for the plant to grow well, bush out, and develop. After sowing, the flowers should be watered with a small amount of water.

When the marigolds sprout, thin out the flowers and replant if necessary. Ensure that the distance between the plants is at least ten centimeters. Two months after planting, the first flower buds should appear.

While the flowers are growing, fertilize the flowerbed or bed. Although these plants are extremely undemanding, they can grow and bloom even in poor, infertile soil. They just need regular watering, which will be enough for their growth and development. If the weather is dry, ensure that the soil under the flowers does not dry out, or they will begin to wilt quickly.

How to sow marigold seeds for seedlings correctly

You can sow seeds for seedlings in March or April. First, prepare the soil mixture, which should consist of peat, earth, compost, and sand. The container for seedlings should be deep and have holes for drainage. Alternatively, put drainage material on the bottom of the box, such as sand, bricks, or expanded clay.

Three days before sowing the flowers, water the soil well, and only then plant the seeds. After sowing, water the flowers and cover them with foil, placing the box in a warm place. When the first shoots appear, remove the film and move the seedlings to the windowsill.

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