Where dust comes from: what to do to prevent it from settling on surfaces for a long time

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What to do to prevent it from settling on surfaces for a long time
What to do to prevent it from settling on surfaces for a long time. Source: www.marthastewart.com

People face the problem of dust in their homes all the time. But this does not mean that the house is not cleaned. Dust can come from the ventilation system, from open windows and doors, or be brought in with shoes. SSPDaily tells about it.

What is the harm of dust to the human body?

If there is too much dust in the house, it can cause allergies, asthma, and skin diseases. Dust consists of particles of dead skin cells, dirt, clothing fibers, and pet hair. This cocktail has an extremely negative impact on health. It can also contain traces of heavy metals, chemicals, germs, microplastics, etc. Therefore, dust can cause chronic illnesses and viral diseases that are very resistant to antibiotics.

Where does dust come from: common causes of its appearance

The amount of dust depends on the time of year, the area where you live, the presence of pets, and the number of residents in the apartment or house. It can get in through windows, doors, ventilation, clothing, shoes, and animal paws. Frequent wet cleaning cannot protect against this problem and there are several reasons for this.

  • High humidity. High humidity is an ideal environment for mold and dust mites. In this case, professional cleaners recommend using air conditioners that dehumidify the air, reducing humidity to 40-60%. Or you can air the rooms more often.
  • Ventilation system malfunction. Dust entering the home should be absorbed by the ventilation system. However, if the house is old or the system is malfunctioning, the dust will settle on surfaces in the house. Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor the ventilation and heating systems and regularly change air filters, if any.
  • External factors. If the house is located near a road with few trees and greenery, all the dust from the street will get into the house. Therefore, you need to make sure that the house is free of cracks and crevices, and regularly clean carpets, curtains, and other textiles. These are the things that collect the most dust.

Which household appliances are best at dust control

A vacuum cleaner with a water filter will be the best assistant in home cleaning. This model collects dust perfectly and prevents it from returning. In addition, such vacuum cleaners purify the air in the room well, and the house will be clean and fresh after cleaning.

You should also use furniture polishes. These are extremely effective tools against dust settling.

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