Why Gordon Ramsay's al dente pasta recipe caused a scandal on social media

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Why Gordon Ramsay's pasta recipe caused a scandal
Why Gordon Ramsay's pasta recipe caused a scandal . Source: pexels.com

There's nothing better than a delicious bowl of hot pasta. With so many different ways to serve it, you'll never run out of ideas, especially if you're inspired by a recipe from legendary chef Gordon Ramsay.

The Mirror writes, "Gordon Ramsay recently revealed how to make the perfect pasta. However, his method was considered controversial and perplexed chefs. Italians were particularly unhappy, with the chef himself claiming that it was a complete game changer for the better."

What did the famous chef do to anger the Italians?

Gordon Ramsay regularly shares his cooking tips and tricks, and for beginners in this business, his advice is a convenient way to learn many expert skills. However, Ramsay's pasta cooking technique has become the subject of controversy on social media and even insults from Italians.

For example, on his YouTube channel, Gordon showed how to make the perfect al dente pasta. He started by boiling a large pot of water to give the pasta enough space to cook evenly.

Then he added salt, pepper and a huge portion of olive oil to the boiling water. It was this technique that caused dissatisfaction among Italian cuisine experts, and the famous brand of pasta and sauces Napolina even warned Italians of not doing so when cooking pasta dishes.

In this video, Gordon used Angel Hair spaghetti. He claims that when cooking this type of pasta, it is better to leave one end in the pot and let it soften in the water rather than breaking it in half to fit into the pot.

Cooking times vary for different types of pasta, and Gordon added that "it's important to stick to it" and that "if you're not good at keeping track of time, set a timer."

He then took some spaghetti out of the pot and noted, "You can touch it with your fingers, it's still nice and firm. Al dente. Just very nice and firm inside, but definitely not crispy."

Satisfied with the degree of doneness of the spaghetti, he drained the water from the pasta, added salt, pepper and another tablespoon of olive oil to make sure it didn't stick together, and concluded, "It's perfectly cooked, beautiful pasta al dente."

However, many people were not impressed with the use of olive oil, and some of them even jokingly suggested calling the police.

In addition, pasta experts said that by adding oil to keep the pasta from sticking together, you prevent it from "grabbing the sauce" because the oil makes the pasta slippery.

By the way, if you want to test your pasta cooking skills, you can try Gordon's quick and easy carbonara recipe.

Like his method of cooking pasta, this recipe also raises questions as it includes garlic and mushrooms, which are not a traditional part of this Italian dish.

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