She wouldn't let go of the wheelchair: an old lady got caught in the electric shutters and hung upside down

By SSPDailyMar 25, 2024 15:33 PMPersonal Development
She wouldn't let go of the wheelchair
She wouldn't let go of the wheelchair. Source:

A poor old lady whose video went viral after she was lifted into the air by electric shutters in a store admits that it "could only have happened to her."

SSPDaily tells about it.

71-year-old Australian Anne Hughes was lifted two meters into the air as she stood outside the store waiting for it to open. She works there as a cleaner. The video that went viral shows her winter coat caught on the hook of the shutters. The woman stood up, holding her shopping cart.

She hung upside down until a shopkeeper rushed to her aid outside the Best One store in Tontaig, near Pontypridd, South Wales. The worker picked her up and put her back on the ground while another worker slowly lowered the shutter.

A shopper got stuck on the shutters and lifted into the air until a helpful worker from the store came outside to rescue them. Jam Press #rescue #shopper #UK #funny ♬ You Raise Me Up - Ali Elhaggar - Ahmed Ali Elhaggar

Anne was able to see the funny side of the situation. She said: "I was just standing there when my coat got caught and I went up. I thought flipping heck. People say it could happen to anyone, no, it could only happen to me! I was just lucky to have a good sense of humor."

Fortunately, the pensioner was not injured in the incident. Reports claimed that she had bruises on her face, particularly under her eye, when she spoke to local media, but she said that this was due to another accident.

The store shared a video of the hilarious incident online, writing: "Don't hang around like Anne, come to Best One to get the best deals! The only thing that is growing in this store is our staff, not our prices."

Anne had been working as a cleaner in a popular village store for over five years. Her coworkers said she found it funny when she saw the CCTV footage.

Social media users also praised her for remaining calm during the "horrific" incident.

As a reminder, the mother lost a disability case for more than €760,000 because of the "all-time dirt". She claimed that she had been unable to work for over five years due to constant back and neck pain.

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