Google Pixel Watch 2 is here: the perfect choice

By SSPDaily editionMar 5, 2024 13:37 PMTech
Google Pixel Watch 2
Google Pixel Watch 2. Source:

Taking a significant step beyond its smartphone lineup, Google has just unveiled the long-awaited Google Pixel Watch 2. This sleek and feature-rich smartwatch is ready to redefine the idea of wearable technology. SSPDaily has learned more about this device.

Design and display

Google Pixel Watch 2 has a stylish 41 mm stainless steel case that not only looks premium but is also incredibly durable. Its circular OLED display with an impressive 384 x 384 pixel resolution and 320 ppi pixel density delivers vivid images and a flawless touch experience. And yes, it supports the convenient Always-on Display feature.

Powerful performance

The Pixel Watch 2 is powered by a Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 chip, accompanied by an Adreno 702 GPU and 2GB of RAM. This hardware combination ensures smooth and fast performance whether you're tracking your fitness or staying connected.

Long battery life and fast charging

Worried about battery life? The Pixel Watch 2 has a 306 mAh battery that's good enough for your active lifestyle. With the always-on display turned on, you can enjoy up to 24 hours of watch time. Plus, fast charging support means you'll spend less time waiting for your device to power up.

Smart features

This smartwatch does more than just tell you the time. It's your best friend when it comes to wellness. The Pixel Watch 2 offers a range of health monitoring features, including activity tracking, blood oxygen levels, heart rate monitoring, and even temperature measurement, all powered by advanced artificial intelligence.

Durable and waterproof

With IP68 water and dust resistance, the gadget can handle the harsh conditions of your daily life. Google claims that it can even withstand submersion to a depth of 50 meters, making it the perfect companion for water sports.

Wear OS 4 and Google services

The Pixel Watch 2 runs on the latest Wear OS 4 operating system, which provides seamless access to a range of Google services. Stay connected, get notifications, and launch your favorite apps right from your wrist.

Price and availability

The Google Pixel Watch 2 with LTE support costs $400, and the version without cellular support costs $350. Mark your calendars for the launch date as the device is scheduled to begin shipping on October 12-13, 2023.

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