Mysterious "alien" with slanted eyes and elongated skull found in Colombia. Photo

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Mysterious "alien" with slanted eyes and elongated skull found in Colombia
Mysterious ''alien'' with slanted eyes and elongated skull found in Colombia. Source:

A mysterious fetus was discovered in Colombia, which, according to scientists, could be an "alien" or a representative of a "tiny humanoid" civilization that lived on Earth many years ago.

SSPDaily tells about it.

The creature has an elongated skull, slanted eyes, and a kind of bone crest on its head.

Alien researcher Josep Guijarro received the photos from a man who claimed to have discovered them. He is keen to remain rational and refer to the find as an "alien-like," noting that the creature looks like it died while still an embryo.

In addition, he saw an umbilical cord, which is usually found in mammals here on Earth. But when he counted the ribs, the scientist found that there were 10 on each side. This is half the number that humans usually have. This made him think that it could have been a mammalian fetus with a certain genetic defect.

Guijarro then connected his Colombian find to another unusual character known as the Atacama skeleton or Ata. Ata is a small creature that was found in an old church in the Atacama Desert in Chile in 2003. It was discovered by Oscar Muñoz, who later sold the tiny body to Spanish businessman and researcher Ramon Navia-Osorio Villar.

Although the skeleton is not considered an alien, Navia-Osorio suggested that it may belong to a miniature humanoid population that shared South America with the Aymara people many years ago.

2018 DNA analyses of the skeleton showed that it was a female human fetus with unusual mutations associated with dwarfism and scoliosis. However, an international research team led by bioarchaeology professor Siân Halcrow disputed this claim. They stated, "As experts in the field of human anatomy and skeletal development, we find no evidence of any skeletal abnormalities claimed by the authors."

Navia-Osorio said, "They told us that they didn't know what it was, the head was so bulky, the arms were so elongated, there were no kneecaps, and the collarbone was more triangular than a human's, so I started to worry. How could this be a human fetus if it had calluses on its feet? This creature was not an alien, it was an earthy one."

The researcher believes that Ata did not come from outer space but rather coexisted with humans many years ago.

He explained, "They were very small people who lived in caves and only came out at night, hence their strange almond-shaped eyes."

After the latest discovery in Colombia, one local commented, "It looks a lot like the creature from the Atacama. Is it an intra-terrestrial species that still lives among us?" Another user added, "It looks just like the one found in Atacama."

As a reminder, mysterious footprints were found on a British beach. Eight footprints appeared on the Sussex coast after high tides and heavy rain exposed rocks hidden under the sand.

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