Kozlovsky's personal life: an affair with a famous singer, a fake relationship with Ramina and a sudden wedding

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Kozlovsky's personal life: a sudden wedding
Kozlovsky's personal life: a sudden wedding. Source: rbc.ua

On his birthday, March 6, Ukrainian singer Vitaliy Kozlovsky stunned with the news that he had lost his bachelor status and got married.

Almost nothing is known about the singer's chosen one, as he carefully hides her. Moreover, the artist kept almost all his relationships secret.

So, we bring to your attention a selection of stories about Vitaliy Kozlovsky's personal life. We offer you to find out who the singer dated, why his relationships did not work out, and what is known about the artist's mysterious wife.

Relationship with Valentina Paravian, which could not withstand threats and attention from the press

The performer and the singer met during the filming of the second season of the popular 2000s show Chance. According to Paravian on the "Behind the Scenes" project, some of the participants were placed with Vitaliy Kozlovsky, who was renting an apartment at the time.

The performers began to communicate closely, and a spark flashed between them. Vitaliy and Valentyna carefully concealed their romance. However, the media found out about them and began to actively cover their relationship. Kozlovsky's fans did not like Paravian. They wrote nasty things to the girl, saying that she was no match for the singer. Moreover, the young artist was even threatened.

"There were some bad moments in our relationship: his fans threatened to kill me, to throw acid on me... Of course, I didn't like it, I was scared, I was really worried about my life. Plus, there was close attention from the press. They started to bully me a lot, saying that I wasn't good enough for Vitalik because I wasn't pretty enough, not model-looking, but fat," Valentila admitted.

In the end, it all had a negative impact on the couple's relationship. The lovers were together for three years but broke up.

An affair with host Nadia Ivanova, which is shrouded in secrets

In 2013, the singer was having an affair with a radio host originally from Crimea. The couple met on the air of one of the radio stations. According to Kozlovsky, Nadia was his fan, and after a joint trip to the UAE, she became his girlfriend.

Thus, the singer and the presenter vacationed together in Dubai during the Christmas holidays. Moreover, their trip was paid for by Ivanova herself, which Kozlovsky did not hide and told us about.

The singer and the presenter officially confirmed their relationship when they made their debut on the red carpet at the Viva! The Most Beautiful People of Ukraine 2012". The lovers came to the event as a couple. They spent the entire evening together, holding hands and never leaving each other's side.

The couple did not advertise their relationship too much. They avoided talking to journalists about their personal lives and asked them not to disturb them. So, Kozlovsky and Ivanova's romance is shrouded in mystery. By the way, the singer and the presenter both suddenly started dating and unexpectedly broke up.

Fake relationship with Ramina Eskhakzai

The couple's romance was actively discussed in March 2016. As Kozlovsky once admitted, he saw Eskhakzai on the cover of Playboy magazine, and he immediately liked her. The singer found the blogger and invited her to dinner at a restaurant. After that, they spent more and more time together. The singer even admitted that he could not live without Ramina.

In March 2017, Kozlovsky proposed to Eskhakzai. But a few months later, the blogger left her fiancé. There were different gossip stories. Ramina said she left Vitaliy because he was allegedly having an affair. Kozlovsky, on the other hand, shared that his fiancée had caused him unbearable pain, and he was having a hard time with their breakup.

But in 2022, the singer stunned the world by admitting that there was no real affair between them. According to the artist, it was a made-up PR story, and Ramina was the initiator of it all.

"It just kind of happened. It's a very long story. Ramina needed it more. There is no smoke without fire. Now is the time when any lie is, firstly, not interesting, and, secondly, it makes no sense. This is what happened. This is what is left outside of that time, which will never come back," Kozlovsky admitted in an interview with Oleg Borisov.

Vitaliy Kozlovsky's mysterious lover and vain attempts to conceive a child

In 2019, after a fake romance with Ramin, Vitaly Kozlovsky began to admit that he had a girlfriend. However, the artist was in no hurry to declassify it. Although the singer shared how he spends time with her and how he is going through the quarantine imposed in the country due to the coronavirus, Kozlovsky has not yet shown her to the public.

In an interview with Slava Demin, the singer said that he did not want to promote their relationship. According to the artist, he will show his chosen one only if he has nothing to say with his work.

"Why talk about it? I'd rather talk about my music. When I'm interested in talking about it or when I'm empty in terms of creativity, but I need to somehow keep myself afloat, as I used to, I'll cover it with some personal stories and hype," the artist shared.

However, at that time, the singer slightly opened the veil of his personal life. The performer admitted that he has been dreaming of a wedding for a long time. The artist even shared that he and his beloved already want to become parents, are actively working on it, but they have not yet been able to conceive a child.

"I have been ready for them (children - ed.) for a long time. But it's not always that easy: you just push it in and out and you have a baby. Of course, I went to specialists. I passed all the tests, everything was fine, everything was great. But sometimes you have to wait," Kozlovsky said in an interview with Slava Demin.

The singer's unexpected wedding

On the morning of March 6, the singer stunned with the news that he had gotten married for the first time. On "Breakfast with 1+1" Kozlovsky said that he decided to propose to his beloved after coming under artillery fire.

He asked his beloved to become his wife. The girl agreed, and they immediately went to the registry office to register their marriage. The couple plans to get married after the victory. According to Vitaliy Kozlovsky, it's not the time for loud celebrations yet.

"We'll celebrate later, it's not the time for loud celebrations yet, because a wedding should be celebrated properly. We need to invite all the pumpkin relatives, as they say, both close and distant, and unite everyone at this celebration of life. And it will happen!" the artist shared.

The performer has not yet shown his beloved. According to Kozlovsky, everything comes in due time. In the meantime, he is in no hurry to declassify the girl.

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