By 2073, people will be using flying cars that can change their shape: AI prediction

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AI prediction
AI prediction. Source:

Artificial intelligence (AI) has predicted that airborne cars will appear no earlier than 2073. This was a response to a request from experts trying to figure out when experimental technologies of today will become commonplace.

In this case, we are talking about SSPDaily specialists who have created incredible images created by artificial intelligence. According to these photos, the years 2033, 2048, and 2073 will be crucial in the automotive industry.

It is then, according to AI, that the most important practical results will be achieved, covering the areas of functionality, design, and high-tech characteristics.

How will cars change over the next 50 years?

For example, by 2033, AI predicts the introduction of a haptic feedback system that provides drivers with information through touch, as well as the wider use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber.

And in 2048, AI believes that fully self-driving cars will become a reality. In addition, advances in sustainable energy sources will lead to the use of solar power or solid-state batteries.

By 2073, technology will reach a new level - vehicles will use VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) technology. And not to be unfounded, the AI has created an image of a car hovering above the ground, and it looks like it has jet engines on the sides that allow the vehicle to move at incredible speeds. AI also predicts that by then, cars will be able to "feel" objects and "talk" to the driver.

What will the interior of cars look like in the future?

In addition to creating images based on these predictions, asked the Midjourney neural network to create images by simply providing the AI with a year or number of years in the future and asking for a "realistic car" query.

The experts found interesting differences between the images created by the AI and the neural network. For instance, AI predicted that cars would become larger and could automatically change their shape to adapt to different terrains and situations. In contrast, Midjourney constantly produced images that were similar in size and shape to modern cars.

As for the interiors of vehicles, the AI bot predicted that in 2073, all seats will face each other, and the walls will have live plants that purify the air. Such a cabin, in its opinion, will be a spacious, multifunctional space that passengers can use to relax, sleep, work, or socialize.

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