Did a bird poop on you? Spiritual meaning of bird droppings

What does bird droppings mean on you?
Meaning of bird droppings. Source: Photographer: Bru-nO/Pixabay

How often does a bird poop on you? "Better never," you may have thought. Would it change your mind to know what it might mean if a bird dropped droppings on you or you stepped in bird feces?

Don't wry your face, considering emptying is necessary as part of life. Without this action, death of any organism would occur. The natural process is as vital as the process of eating food. Even if bird droppings are a little unaesthetic on you, it's just a stereotype that would be less disgusting if you recognized its spiritual significance.

Bird droppings - spiritual significance

Birds - spiritual significance of bird droppings

Birds are powerful spiritual animals. They symbolize:

  • freedom of choice;
  • connection to other worlds;
  • acceptance of life's journey;
  • the value of life on Earth.

Birds bring spiritual messages into our lives and they can be interpreted differently, depending on the type of bird and the situation. Likewise withbird droppings. To understand the meaning of a bird pooping on you, it is important to pay attention to the type and place where the feces fell. The spiritual meaning of bird dro ppings will depend on:

  • the species of bird;
  • where the feces fell on;
  • the time of day;
  • upcoming events in your life (near future);
  • your attitude toward the situation;
  • your actions towards the droppings

I would like to say that everything is simple and the bird feces that fell on you is for money, but the universe is not so simple in its clues and ideas. Sometimes, to get through to you, it chooses not-so-pleasant clues.

Bird droppings - meaning

What does it mean to be pooped on by a bird

What to expect if a bird pooped on you? The symbolism of feces can carry spiritual meaning at that very moment and for the immediate future. You may want the bird to poop on you more often after learning what this could mean.

Change for the better

It's worth rejoicing if a stork or hummingbird poops on you - it's definitely good luck. In the near future, you will be waiting for joyful news and events that will direct your life for the better. However, you should not take the message literally. Rather, you will get a chance to look at your actions from above and analyze your path. Realize, a message from above is not a fortune, but a call to action.

On the path to transformation

The bird is a symbol of wisdom. This is especially true of owls. Bird droppings on you can speak of a new stage of transformation bringing you closer to wisdom. Especially if you are in turmoil and feel a change in yourself that you have not accepted - it is time to love yourself now.

A powerful defense

Birds are swift, sighted and courageous. Many believe that the spiritual significance of the bird is protection. The message may be meant to delay you for a few seconds because it will save your life now or in the future. We call these things "happy accidents", "happy coincidences", but are they?

Blessings from above

Remember that emptying is a vital cycle. Statistically speaking: a person is more likely to be struck by lightning than a bird pooping. If you're walking around solving a serious problem or pondering an issue, feces from the sky can be a blessing, indicating that you've made the right decision and need to be a little bolder to stop hesitating

Interpretation of bird droppings - night or day

The spiritual meaning of a bird pooping on you depending on the time of day

We have already mentioned that such a criterion should also be considered. Why? Such a belief goes back to antiquity. After all, at night and during the day act completely different forces, also the species of birds will be different.

Early morning

Abird pooping on you in the morning is a fairly rare occurrence. Since birds have not yet had time to eat enough, such an event should definitely be destined. A bird pooping on you in the morning means that your day could be a good one, no matter how contradictory it may seem. If your day is busy, take a few minutes to make yourself feel good (have a quiet coffee, look at the sky, or just go into meditation), it's important to be positive and not miss the chance to be happier that day.

A hot afternoon

Of course in winter the afternoon is not as hot, but still the sun rises high and gives the maximum amount of heat energy. If a bird has left its droppings on you at noon, connecting with the energy of the sun, financial success or success in love awaits you. Find the strength to accept this gift despite its questionable presentation.

Dark night

Night birds are not as joyful as day birds. They usually carry an even deeper meaning. The message may be about mental health or sacred desires. It is time for you to reconsider your actions, for you have strayed from the path that leads to happiness and harmony.

Bird species and the spiritual meaning of droppings

The spiritual meaning of bird droppings dropped on you depending on the species of the feathered bird

Here are some examples of birds that carry spiritual messages from above with their droppings on you. Birds carrying spiritual meaning with the help of droppings:

  • Dove - are considered birds of peace and love. If a dove pooped on you - it is to harmonious relationships or new relationships, depending on your deep desires sent earlier to the universe.
  • Robin - the bird is quite small but significant. It is sent to make you see new possibilities in small things. Remember, all big things begin with small steps.
  • Stork - for family people, this could mean a replenishment. The belief that storks bring children is passed down to us from generation to generation and for good reason. if you are still single, your "child" could be a new job, business or goal.
  • Hummingbird - it's time for you to take steps towards your dreams, whatever that means. For couples, it could be a sign that it's time to grow your relationship and take it to the next level.
  • Crane - will bring health into your life once you are ready for it.
  • Duck - a good sign of prosperity and good luck. You should pursue your endeavors with even more zeal. In Asian countries, the droppings of a duck on you means good luck in relationships and love.
  • Swallow - your wishes will come true. The droppings of this bird bring hope and an omen of wishes coming true.
Bird droppings - religious significance

Spiritual meaning of bird droppings in religions and countries

Human faith interprets many events, including the symbolism of a bird pooping on you:

  • Hinduism.In this religion, black and nocturnal birds are a symbol of bad luck and bad events (raven, owl, rook), and light and daytime good luck (dove, magpie).
  • Islam. If you are attacked or pooped on by a bird - it will bring wealth and success.
  • Italy. A sign of God's blessing and special choice.
  • Ukraine. Receiving additional finances in the near future.
  • Turkey. A sign of stable wealth and good luck soon.

What to do if a bird poops on you

Your actions and acceptance are very important. Finding bird droppings on your clothes or stepping in them is not the most pleasant thing to do in a day, but that was before you knew the significance of bird feces. Of course, you shouldn't leave it on yourself, but you should set yourself up for positivity. Remember that the message of bird droppings is a call to action. Do not rush to buy the lottery, you should look deeper inside yourself, realizing that at the moment you are deeply concerned. God does not see us from above, but from within, so He touches our deepest desires with messages.

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