How to help a child overcome a psychological trauma if you live in a small town or village

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How to help a child overcome a psychological trauma
How to help a child overcome a psychological trauma. Source:

Childhood trauma is a sad reality in our world, no matter where a child lives. However, in small towns, professional help for children is usually limited, so it is very important for parents, teachers, and the public to provide maximum support to victims of psychological aggression.

The online resource Social News XYZ talked to the founder of Medyseva, Dr. Vishisha Kasliwala, about this topic. Here are the options for solving the problem offered by the expert. Про це розповідає SSPDaily.

Children should feel safe

"Create a safe and open environment for children where they can express their thoughts and feelings. Encourage them to share their experiences and concerns. By actively listening and responding with compassion, adults can provide children with the emotional support they need," says Kasliwal.

According to the scientist, in small towns, close-knit communities - teachers, neighbors, and friends - can work together to create support networks where children feel comfortable discussing their emotions and experiences.

Dr. Kasliwal also says that small communities do not always have easy access to mental health professionals, but it is important to seek professional help when needed.

"If a child's symptoms of trauma persist or worsen, they should contact local health care providers, counselors, or psychotherapists. You can also use telemedicine services, which will allow you to help your child even in a remote area," the expert explained.

Promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

A healthy physical body is the key to a healthy mind. The founder of Medyseva, a healthcare startup specializing in telemedicine, urges children to adopt a healthy lifestyle - proper nutrition and regular exercise.

"In small towns, there are plenty of open spaces, which makes it easier to engage in health-improving exercise and promote the release of endorphins. This significantly reduces the symptoms of trauma and stress."

Encourage children to be creative

Art, music, and other forms of creativity have always been considered a powerful way to express emotions. Dr. Kasliwal advises: "Art is an outlet for self-expression. It provides a sense of control, helping children to feel in control of their lives again."

"Encourage children to draw, write or play music so that they can forget about their trauma faster. Community organizations can organize art programs or provide spaces for children to be creative, even if they do not have formal art or music education programs."

How to restore a child's sense of security?

In the context of building a sense of safety, trauma can disrupt a child's sense of security and stability.

The founder of Medyseva says: "In small towns, where there is a stronger sense of community, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of routine and consistency. Following a daily routine, rituals and traditions creates a sense of stability in a child's life. In addition, in small towns, community events and activities can be organized to foster a sense of belonging and unity. This will contribute to the emotional well-being of the child."

He adds: "Teaching children about emotional well-being and resilience is also of great importance. By talking to children about their emotions and ways to cope with trauma, we empower them to manage their feelings and develop essential life skills."

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