How to identify your spirit animal by birth date and increase your life energy with their strengths

How to identify a spirit animal by date of birth
How to determine your spirit animal by birth date and zodiac sign. Source: Photographer: EvaMichalkova/Pixabay

The history of spirit animals goes deep into the time of Native Americans (Indian tribes). Sharp eye (hawk), brave wolf, cunning fox: such names were used by our ancestors, considering themselves an integral part of nature and all life on earth. Indians believed that spirits help them in the form of animals, so it was extremely important to identify their spirit (kindred) animal. It was believed that by recognizing his spiritual animal, a person strengthens their energy flow and gets a faithful ally and advisor for life. There can be several ways to find your spirit animal and the date of birth is not all you will need. By combining these ways, you can more accurately determine your spirit animal and learn a lot about your abilities.

Native Americans believed that totem animals enhanced life energy

Totem animals in Native American astrology

To find exactly your spirit animal using your birth date, youneed to delve a little deeper into the subject of Native American astrology and realize that it differs from Chinese astrology, for example. Native American birthdays were linked to changes in the seasons and the state of the moon and sun. This is brought out well in Vincent LaDuke's book (Sun Bear). Being of Ojibwe descent, the author gathered the knowledge of his ancestors and combined it with the knowledge of several other cultures. Western astrology was also taken into consideration when writing LaDuke's book, The Medicine Wheel, Earth Astrology. Through this union, one can become more deeply aware of the influence of one's spirit animal on one's own character and destiny.

The spirit animal is a guide in life

Why determine your spirit animal

Indians believed that finding your totem animal, you get a wise guide who will give advice in a difficult moment, will tell the true path and strengthen the vital energy when necessary. Having received an answer to the question- what spiritual animal is associated with my date of birth -you will learn about your strengths and weaknesses, learning to apply both correctly. Spirit animal means "close in spirit", you may have similar values and character traits, outlook on life and way of solving problems. For example, if your totem is wolf, it is worth learning the value of family and making it paramount to harmonize your life. The wolf pack is the only thing a wolf cherishes. And it's best to approach solutions to a problem without rushing, waiting a bit to think about which side is best to come in from and then quickly resolve the issue. You can even spiritually communicate with your totem animal to get valuable advice.

The spirit animal is determined on the day of your birth

Ways to identify spirit animal by birth date and more

Despite the difference with Indian astrology, the date of birth and zodiac sign have a direct impact on determining one's totem. Below we will reveal the meaning of the supposed spirit animals under each zodiac sign and determine your spirit animal by birth date.

The second way to find out your totem animal would be the intuitive way. This is best done during meditation when you can definitely focus on your thoughts, feelings and sensations. Once you enter deep meditation start going through the animals and insects in your mind, imagining each one for a few seconds and analyzing your feelings about the image reproduced. If you have a totem animal in front of you, you will feel a very warm energy intensifying within you and a great sympathy for the creature. The warm energy can be defined as love, tenderness, and a bit of anxiety at meeting your spirit animal.

The third way is invented by the modern world. A quick test to determine your spirit animal can be found on the internet. When taking the test, try to intuitively answer the questions (not too quickly) to give yourself time to feel the answer as it really is, not as you would like it to be. Of course, the test may be far from accurate, but it's worth a try.

The most accurate way will be a combination of your birth date and meditation.

Determining your spirit animal by birth date and zodiac sign

Remember that the date of your birth by the Indians was determined by the change of seasons, and weather forecasts have changed quite a bit since then. Therefore, let's add to the list of totem animals and the opinion of the Indians. The data is based on the change of weather in the Southern Hemisphere. By going through the animals during meditation, you will be able to make up your mind for sure. Read carefully about each animal and you will recognize in someone your character traits, habits and feelings.

Aries (March 21 - April 20) is a period of dead leaves

Aries is not usually taken into the category of spiritual animals, so don't meditate with thoughts of a sheep. Aries has been credited with a spiritual connection to animals such as:

  • cheetah,
  • fox,
  • hawk,
  • bat,
  • dove,
  • raven.
The cheetah is the spirit animal of Aries

The cheetah is hypnotic and fast. People associated with the cheetah quickly think, decide and act. When such a person in a crowd opens his mouth, it is usually listened to silently.

The hawk is the spirit animal of Aries

The hawk is a balancing spirit. Aries' spiritedness can be balanced by the energy of the hawk. Such coitus helps to go through life more confidently, omitting mishaps along the way. The hawk is sure to remind you to run with an eye on your feet if you connect with your totem and listen to it.

The fox is the spirit animal of Aries

The fox is a sharp mind. Cunning is not the only useful trait of the fox for life. However, the ability to find an approach often helps Aries in solving issues with other people. Of course, people can seek benefits for themselves, but who considers this a bad trait?

The bat is a Aries' spirit animal

The bat is intuitive. Aries who are in a relationship with a bat are sometimes surprised at how luck has turned around for them. What actually worked was the instinctive way of solving the path that bats see and feel even in the dark.

The dove is the spirit animal of Aries

The dove is serenity. On the one hand, this totem pacifies Aries, on the other hand, it can prevent them from "grabbing luck by the tail". If you are often caught up in failures, it is time to adjust your pigeon a little and teach them to clearly set goals and go to them, not distracted by bread crumbs.

The raven is the spirit animal of Aries

Raven is wisdom and intelligence. Curiosity, talkativeness and quick analysis are your specialty. The raven totem can teach you to listen and heed, to make decisions in a balanced way, having analyzed all the moves.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20) - transformation

When nature transforms, there are Taurus people born into the world. Depending on the totem, people with this zodiac sign can be strong and resilient, or they can be vulnerable psychologically. Your totem can be:

  • elephant,
  • brown,
  • polar bear,
  • beaver,
  • snake.
The bear is the totem of Taurus

The bear isstrength and protection. Lucky you, Taurus. Having such a totem you can go boldly through life. Such people stand up for their opinions and interests, break through and maintain the stability of life.

The polar bear is the spirit animal of Taurus

Polar bear is artistry. People with this spirit animal can accomplish a lot in creativity, despite a certain heavy image. The polar bear can teach you to be playful and easygoing, and you can temper it a bit in anger.

The beaver is the spirit animal of Taurus

Beaver is perseverance and hard work. Such Tauruses have patience and can achieve great results by convincing themselves of the effects of hard work. However, there is a possibility that your diligence will not pay what it deserves, then it is better to learn to appreciate your work.

The elephant is the spirit animal of Taurus

Elephant is caring. Totem can increase your power of protection and you will protect people dear to you. Such care and protection is often appreciated by those around you, being trustworthy, you can reach heights in your career.

The snake is the spirit animal of Taurus

Snake is psychicism. Taurus with a snake totem are usually secretive, they are interested in mystical themes and the inner content of themselves. By focusing and practicing, such people can develop their intuition to psychic.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) - hibernation mode

Gemini usually gravitate towards animals such as:

  • squirrel,
  • dolphin,
  • frog,
  • deer,
  • owl.
The dolphin is the spirit animal of Geminis

The dolphin is wise intelligence and responsiveness. The dolphin adds playfulness, curiosity and the ability to enjoy life.

The deer is the spirit animal of Gemini

Deer is peacefulness. There and about world peace and the pleasure of life. Deer is a wonderful totem, if it is not frightened, but tamed.

The frog is the spiritual animal of Gemini

Frog is transformation. It is this totem in the power to help you climb the steps of spiritual development. Your desire for change, it is the desire of the totem that you do not stop on the way to spiritual perfection.

The squirrel is the spirit animal of Gemini

Squirrel is all about organization and planning. You are endowed with the ability to organize things in your head and life. Curiosity with organization helps you to be easy on change, moves, travel and other relocations.

The owl is the totem of Gemini

The owl is a thinker. Owls are known for their night vision and wisdom. The nickname wise owl in Native American times would suit you. Being a bit sociopathic and closed, Gemini with an owl totem will better put their thoughts on paper, but won't miss a moment to defend their positions when attacked by someone.

Cancer (June 22-July 22) is an earthy renewal

Being a water sign, Cancers may feel drawn to completely earthy animals:

  • elk,
  • the tortoise,
  • rabbit,
  • woodpecker,
  • white goose.
The rabbit is the spirit animal of Cancer

The rabbit is a work with fear. Such a Cancer may spend some part of their life learning to be braver and more confident, but that's what the totem is for. To remind you to work on your weaknesses and utilize your strengths.

The woodpecker is the spirit animal of Cancer

Woodpecker is to think more broadly. Such Cancers should learn to accept different points of view and thinking. It would be good to learn to own them in your life.

The turtle is the spirit animal of Cancer

The turtle is a defense. The impenetrability of the shell on the one hand preserves your psyche, on the other hand, you can too often hide in it from issues that need to be addressed with perseverance.

The snow goose is the spirit animal of Cancer

The snow goose is value. A wise totem helps you appreciate what you have and move toward what you desire.

Leo (July 23 - August 23) - purification

Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo may gravitate towards the king of beasts himself, however, your totem may be:

  • salmon,
  • jaguar,
  • dragon,
  • otter.
Lion and the dragon are the spiritual animals of Leo

The lion, jaguar and dragon are the leaders. Both totems enhance leadership skills, the drive to win and the ability to prepare to jump and land.

Salmon is balance and coordination. The ability to master your body helps the salmon to achieve goals. This totem can also help you by balancing temper and learning to relax.

The otter is the spirit animal of Leo

Otter is sociability. To all your Leo qualities, the otter will add friendliness and sociability. You have the ability to look precisely at your target from the otter as well.

Virgo (August 24 - September 22) - rebirth

Seek out your spirit animalamong:

  • bears,
  • foxes,
  • mandrills,
  • hummingbirds,
  • the wolf.
The mandrill is the spirit animal of Virgo

Mandrill is resourcefulness. To get out, to get around, to achieve: this is how mandrill helps. However, self-confidence, which feeds this animal, can grow into arrogance.

The hummingbird is the spirit animal of Virgo

Hummingbird is flutter through life. Virgo under the influence of this little bird absolutely do not tolerate routine, they need constant movement and change of scenery. However, when something goes off-plan, confusion can occur. Add to their optimism the ability to see a real threat.

Libra (September 23-October 22) - awakening

Libra's spirit animal should be sought among:

  • swan,
  • wolf,
  • the jellyfish,
  • the raven,
  • red hawk.
The swan is the spirit animal of Libra

Swan is elegance and gracefulness. On the one hand, such harmony is great to balance. However, if you anger the swan you will get the most brutal response, which will end only with your death or escape. Swan helps to go to the end.

Jellyfish is the spirit animal of Libra

Jellyfish is longevity. It keeps Libra's vitality alive, showing the way to increase and longevity. With jellyfish, your ability to work over the long haul, calculating your strength, is enviable.

The red hawk is Libra's spirit animal

The red hawk is a spiritual awareness. The wisdom and farsightedness that red hawks are endowed with will help you be adaptable to changes in life. The red hawk will be able to guide you to the right decision, you should only listen.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 22) - landing

It's hard to imagine, but one of Scorpio's totem animals could be:

  • phoenix,
  • elephant,
  • snake,
  • cat,
  • beaver.

The phoenix is alife force. The powers of spirit, freedom and justice can be very sharp, then you have a hard time adjusting to the foxy intricacies of life. Your weakness is in not assessing a situation deeply enough.

The cat is the spirit animal of Scorpios

The cat is adaptability. On par with freedom and independence, cats require attention. You are smart enough to get what you want, but sometimes laziness wins out.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 19) - a bloomer

  • cat,
  • owl,
  • wild horse,
  • deer.
The wild horse is the spirit animal of Sagittarius

The wild horse is unbridled. Your spirit of freedom often takes you off your seat and carries you to unknown distances. The bad thing about running fast is that you can miss something important. Adventure is in your blood, so find a similarly adventurous partner.

Capricorn (December 20 - January 19) - a strong sun

Interesting variations of spirit animals give Capricorns quite distinctive traits. You may be suited to: alligator, shrew, deer, goose or woodpecker. The last three are in the description above.

The alligator is Capricorn's spirit animal.

Alligator is one step from love to hate. Dispersing your mood change is literally a couple seconds, but the alligator can help if you learn its patience and endurance. Do not overdo it, emotions should still go out, not accumulate inside.

Groundhog is discipline. Hard work and discipline is a good help to achieve heights. Your value is family and work, so go for achievements.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 19) - maturation

  • spider,
  • otter,
  • dolphin,
  • turtle,
  • salmon (Indian).
The spider is the spirit animal of Aquarians

The spider is loneliness. Aquarians under the influence of the spider may avoid people. They are interested and comfortable alone with themselves. These people usually have enough hobbies or activities that satisfy them at home.

Pisces (February 20 - March 20) - harvest

Pisces may be favored by:

  • deer,
  • dog,
  • the seahorse,
  • wolf,
  • bear.
The dog is the spiritual animal of Pisces

Dog is loyalty. These fish can be great best friends, as long as you don't overstep the personal boundaries of friendship. Pisces under the influence of the dog is quite touchy, but resilient.

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