Why a pigeon comes to you and what it means: explanation of the signs

By SSPDaily editionMar 1, 2024 19:03 PMSuperstitions
Why a pigeon comes to you and what it means
Why a pigeon comes to you and what it means. Source: pigeonhow.com

In urban landscapes around the world, pigeons are an integral part of the landscape. These unpretentious birds can be found on windowsills, fluttering on balconies, or simply strolling the streets. Over the centuries, pigeons have held a unique place in beliefs, with numerous signs and superstitions associated with them. While these beliefs often lean toward the positive, pigeons, like all creatures, carry both good and bad messages.

When a pigeon lands on your window or balcony, it is often seen as a messenger of news. As a rule, this bird guest is perceived as a bearer of good news, but there are nuances. This was reported by SSPDaily.

Interpretation of pigeon behavior

A pigeon on the windowsill:

If a pigeon sits on the windowsill and peers inquisitively into your space, it's good luck - you can expect good news.

Cooing companions:

A pigeon sitting on your window and cooing melodiously suggests that you may soon meet love or start a passionate affair. For married couples, this means a revival of passion and strengthening of the marital bond.

Nesting on the balcony:

If pigeons choose your balcony as a place for their nest, especially if there are single people living in the apartment, it is considered a sign of close romance that will end in a long-awaited marriage. A pigeon's nest with eggs in the yard heralds the good news of an imminent addition to the family.

A gift of pigeons:

If a pigeon arrives with some object in its beak, it symbolizes the possibility of a new addition to the family or profit.

Looking in the window:

Pigeons peering through your window indicate that guests will soon arrive. If there are a lot of pigeons, it could be a harbinger of a lively gathering or celebration.

Constant cooing:

A pigeon's incessant cooing, on the other hand, can serve as a warning of trouble.

Walking on the windowsill:

When a pigeon walks gracefully on your windowsill, it suggests that you will soon meet a benefactor or influential friend who will play a significant role in your life.

Flapping wings:

A pigeon outside the window that flaps its wings rhythmically promises an imminent joyful event or the fulfillment of a cherished wish.

Annoying pecking:

Pigeons pecking continuously at your window sill signal an important event is approaching that could have a significant impact on your life.

Short visit:

If a pigeon lingers briefly on your window and then quickly flies away, it may indicate that you should prepare for news or events in the near future.

Pigeons and unpleasant signs

Although pigeons are generally considered to be bearers of good news, there are interpretations that caution against them:

Fights on the balcony:

If pigeons are fighting on your balcony, it could portend family disputes. The solution depends on whether they come together peacefully or fly in different directions, indicating a potential breakup.

Knocking on the house:

A pigeon that persistently knocks on your window can serve as a warning of an imminent illness of someone close to you or an unpleasant incident.

Persistent returns:

If you try to drive the pigeon out of the window, but it keeps coming back, it could be a warning of trouble.

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