5 tips for a leader: how to make fewer mistakes and quickly make optimal decisions

By SSPDaily editionMar 13, 2024 14:05 PMPersonal Development
How to make fewer mistakes and quickly make optimal decisions
How to make fewer mistakes and quickly make optimal decisions. Source: pexels.com

A good leader is not someone who never makes mistakes but someone who seeks and finds the most effective solutions.

And if you are a business owner (no matter how big or small), remember that decision-making is a key act in your business—an act that inspires confidence in yourself and your employees.

BullFrag writes: "Instead of wasting your energy thinking about what to do or not to do, learn to objectively assess current problems and take responsibility for solving them. This will make you a true leader and take your business to a new level."

SSPDaily prepared 5 tips on how to make quick and thoughtful decisions.

Don't focus on perfection

A good leader prefers to receive a project that is 80% complete a few hours before the deadline rather than a project that is 100% complete but delayed by even a few minutes. Don't get hung up on the idea that everything has to be perfect. Instead of demanding the impossible from life, act without having ready answers to all your questions and find them in the process of solving them.

Surround yourself with smart people

Those who master the art of making good decisions surround themselves with smart people and never ask: "What should I do?". When discussing a problem with experts, they say: "What do you think about this situation?" Working with a team of professionals, a good leader quickly finds the best solution and acts immediately.

Distance yourself from the problem

Understanding comes when you least expect it. It's like suddenly remembering a name you thought you'd forgotten forever. It happens the same way when making a decision. "Turn off" your brain for a while, switch to another topic, and you will give it the opportunity to find information that is already in the "database" and is waiting to be retrieved.

Rely on both reason and intuition

Your decision based on a thorough analysis is not a guarantee of a positive outcome. That's why it's good to have intuition involved in the process, which can be more useful than rational methods. For example, choosing a particular seller requires studying their history, recommendations, and the cost of services. However, it's your gut feeling that can make the final decision: yes or no.

Admit your mistakes

If, despite your experience and knowledge, you made a mistake, accept it and recognize it as a fact. This approach will allow you to quickly remedy the situation, and in addition, it will add respect in the eyes of employees and create the image of a self-critical person.

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