7 main mistakes in profiles and on dating sites that repel men

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7 main mistakes on dating sites that repel men
7 main mistakes on dating sites that repel men. Source: Pexels.com

You think that your social media profile is perfect and presents you as smart, independent, thoughtful, and kind. However, a lonely man takes a look at your profile and for some reason decides that you are irritable, distrustful, angry, have problems with self-control, and generally have purely selfish interests. And without hesitation, he leaves to find a better option for himself.

Your Tango writes: "Men who have been dumped or cheated on by women instinctively read between the lines of your dating profile. They look for signs of self-interest, obsessive codependency, financial and emotional instability, and past relationships."

"Therefore, when they open another profile and see a single low-quality photo, they begin to wonder how many extra pounds, years and wrinkles you are hiding. Be that as it may, there are thousands of women to choose from on the Internet, and men are primarily attracted to pleasant, smiling faces and well-designed profiles."

Here are the 7 main mistakes that immediately kill men's interest in your persona.

Profile filled with grammatical and spelling mistakes

Misspelled words, incorrect punctuation, and jargon indicate that you are lazy and uneducated.

Tip: Create your profile in Microsoft Word, use spell check, or ask a friend who knows grammar and style to proofread your text for errors and clumsy phrases.

Too long a story about yourself

Your profile is all about you. How outstanding you are as a person, a great employee, and what your achievements are. You use pretentious expressions and quotes to impress a man, but he only sees you as narcissistic, shallow, and selfish.

Tip: Limit your message to 200 characters and use humor. Experts recommend: "A short and practical description is one or two paragraphs about yourself, the same about who you are looking for, and maybe one or two sentences at the end to wrap it up."

Too many requirements and warnings

It's good to know what qualities you want in a man, but a list of "must-haves" and "don'ts" will make you seem hypercritical and intolerant.

Tip: List a few of the most important traits you want to see in a man, and then tell us how you envision your relationship with him.

Excessive sarcasm and negativity

You make harsh remarks about men. You want to weed out those obsessed with sports and TV, so you write: "I lost my husband to Monday Night Football" or "I don't date couch potatoes." You think your sarcasm is funny, and guys think you hate men.

Tip: Always speak with enthusiasm, turn a negative into a positive, and don't talk about your past failures.

Too pitiful and sad expressions

Expressions such as "ready to move on" or "recovered from a hurtful breakup" mean that you have a lot of negative experience in a relationship and cannot get rid of it.

The words "Waiting for my knight" or "looking for my better half" means that you are looking for a "savior", and "fiancé" and "man of dreams", put too much pressure on the psyche or attract the attention of inadequate characters.

Tip: Initially, men just want to have a good time and are scared if your profile starts with too serious offers. Let it look better like this: "I love going to restaurants, traveling, and meeting new friends along the way. Do you like adventures?"

A lot of standard phrases and adjectives

Your profile is full of standard phrases and adjectives: "I'm hardworking, attentive, loyal, honest, loving, affectionate, and happy" - and this does not inspire confidence.

"I like to have dinner, take long walks, go to the movies and read good books" - you are too boring and monotonous.

"I like baking, sewing, bird watching, and scrapbooking." Obviously, you are not trying to arouse romantic interest in a man, but rather, you are looking for a friend for the retirement home.

Tip: Write about active events in your life, your hobbies, and add a little humor: "I love to travel. I've been to Tuscany, Paris, and Rome, give me five minutes to pack my suitcase." After reading something like this, a man will immediately feel a "zest" in you and want to meet you.

Poor quality photos

If your photos are blurry, there are few of them, or there are no full-length photos, a man will probably not be interested in your profile. Or perhaps he will think that you are hiding something.

Another mistake is if you posted a lot of photos with friends, or pictures of your children and pets. Keep in mind that this is a dating site, and normal men do not want to play a secondary role in your already happy life.

In turn, photos that describe your lifestyle tell a man that you are active and interesting. Use a headshot, a body shot, and a picture of you in action (playing tennis, cheering for football players, or standing on the beach barefoot, smiling, with your hair blowing in the sea breeze).

Show a sense of humor, and make sure your hair is in order, your makeup looks natural, and your clothes fit your body.

Finally, keep your dating profile content up to date.

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