A widow proposed to her late husband's mistress, whom she met at his funeral

By Jurassic JennMar 25, 2024 21:39 PMPersonal Development
A widow proposed to her late husband's mistress
A widow proposed to her late husband's mistress. Source: www.quora.com

A woman took to social media to get users' opinions after she proposed to her late husband's mistress after meeting her at his funeral. SSPDaily tells about it.

The 38-year-old widow didn't expect to get along so well with another woman, which led her to ask her to marry her a few months later.

Sharing her story on Reddit, she wrote: "I was married to my husband for nine years. I thought our relationship was perfect. I thought we were happy. Unfortunately, four years ago he was killed in a car accident. To say I was heartbroken is an understatement. So, you can imagine how much worse it was to find out that he was cheating on me. His secret girlfriend was at the funeral because his parents knew about their affair, and since he "loved her" she was welcome. I was really angry, but I didn't have the strength to react, so I just sat there and cried the whole time."

When the funeral was over, her husband's mistress came up to her to tell her how sorry she was, but the wife said nothing and just left. A month later, the girl showed up at her door, wanting to explain herself.

"Basically, she started crying about how sorry she was and that she never wanted to hurt anyone like that," she added. "I felt sorry for her because of how much she was crying and because her voice sounded sincere, so I hugged her and told her that it was okay and that I forgave her. In fact, I didn't forgive her then, but I was ready to say it so that she would calm down."

However, her lover did not believe her and said she would make it up to her no matter what. So, over the next few months, the widow received flowers and gifts from her. The mistress also visited her to check on her health.

From time to time, the woman would scorn her, yell at her to leave her alone, and even threaten her with a restraining order. But despite this, she continued to give her gifts and visit her.

"Eventually, my hatred for her started to evaporate, and we went from just meeting to getting to know each other." The women began to learn more about each other, and the wife even started to "have feelings for her."

She said: "One evening, after a few drinks, I told her how I felt and to my surprise, she reciprocated and kissed me. One thing led to another, which led us to make love. After that, we dated for several years. Over the years, she made sure that I knew she loved me. Recently, we got engaged and she posted it on social media, which led to my former relatives hearing about it. They started calling and harassing me, telling me how shameful it was to marry the "love of my husband's life" and that I disrespected him, especially now that he was dead and I needed to forget the past. At first, I ignored them and told them it was none of their business, but they managed to get my husband's entire family to harass me and call me some nasty names. At first I tried to just block and ignore them, but their constant harassment is making me doubt myself."

In response, puzzled users wrote in the comments: "If the movies have taught us anything, it's that when someone rejects you, you need to keep pursuing them until they give up. Persistence is an attractive trait!", "I need to bleach my brain".

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