A woman dumped her boyfriend after winning a million in the lottery; he's demanding half the prize

By SSPDailyMar 23, 2024 20:05 PMRelationship
A woman dumped her boyfriend after winning a million in the lottery
A woman dumped her boyfriend after winning a million in the lottery. Source: www.lbc.co.uk

In the UK, an ex-couple is fighting over a million pounds she won in a lottery.

This is reported by SSPDaily.

Michael Cartlidge, 39, and Charlotte Cox, 37, who had been dating for three months, bought a winning lottery ticket in a store. But a few weeks later, the woman dumped her boyfriend and was recognized as the only winner.

Michael shared that despite the fact that his girlfriend bought and scratched the ticket, he was the one who suggested the idea. He also added that he tried to transfer money to her for the purchase in the store, but due to a weak signal, he was unable to do so. So she made the payment.

At home in the evening, the couple learned that they won a million. Happy, they went to the seaside to celebrate the event. According to him, Charlotte initially decided to split the winnings. He claims that they also discussed buying a house and a car with the money they won.

The man recalled: "Everything was fine, we put Charlotte's name on the card, and it was to be in her name, but on a joint account. We were talking about buying a new house, maybe a three-bedroom house. And she wanted a new car, nothing fancy, a Kia or something. We were told to open a private bank account. We went and did it. It was a little over three weeks after we won."

But Charlotte soon dumped him before claiming to be the only winner.

He recalled how, "out of the blue," his chosen one asked him to leave the house because of a friend. So he did - and took the winning card with him.

Michael said: "On Monday morning, Charlotte left the house and never came back. My friend called me and told me that Charlotte was in touch and wanted me to leave the house. From that moment on, things got suspicious. I knew she was up to something. I thought: "Oh, that's it". She forgot her scratch card in the house, so I took it and went to my mom's. Then she came home and realized that I had the ticket."

The man gave the ticket to the lottery representatives and told them about the situation. Camelot executives launched an investigation, including reviewing the store's CCTV footage, and told Michael that the million pounds would be split. But then the new owners of the Allwyn lottery decided that Charlotte was the only legitimate claimant for the fabulous sum.

For his part, Mike claims he is entitled to half of the sum, and he is ready to take legal action.

He said: "I'm shocked. I can honestly say that without Charlotte we wouldn't have gotten this ticket, but she wouldn't have gotten it without me. I know that it was paid for from her bank account, but morally it should be 50-50. I'm ready to fight to get paid what I'm due. Especially after Camelot agreed to it. Now that a new owner has come to power, they have done a complete U-turn."

Meanwhile, sources close to Charlotte claim that her ex-boyfriend is not entitled to the money. They added: "One million pounds has never brought so much misery. It has ruined the last three months for her and her family. Michael has no right to that money. He is a bad man. Charlotte won, she paid for the ticket and scratched it."

Later, Charlotte herself commented on the incident: "I bought the ticket. He did not transfer the money to me. This is all nonsense, I don't want to have anything to do with it."

After that, Allwyn stated that only the person whose name is written on the back of the ticket can claim the prize. So, only Charlotte will get the prize.

"The prize can only be paid to one person, and this is always clearly communicated to the prize claimants. If a claimant agrees to split the prize with other parties after the prize is paid, we always recommend a legal agreement between the parties involved. If there is no agreement, any dispute between the parties should be resolved between them."

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