Test: choose the posture you sit in most often and learn about your personality

By Jurassic JennMar 26, 2024 18:09 PMPsychology
Choose the posture you sit in most often
Choose the posture you sit in most often. Source: www.davidwolfe.com

Look at the five pictures for the test and choose the posture you usually sit in.

The authors of the test claim that the position of the legs in a sitting position says a lot. SSPDaily tells about it.

All you have to do is find your pose.

Posture A

You can be called an introvert. You are often indecisive, not very confident and timid. It is difficult to get along with people, and even more difficult to open your soul. You can't do anything about your character, so you get upset and envy stronger personalities. You often overestimate yourself.

On the positive side, you like to spend time alone, don't need noisy companies and a million friends. That is why you are always able to quickly and accurately assess another person.

Posture B

This posture indicates leadership qualities. You are an absolutely confident person who is ready to do anything for success and career. Family is the last thing such people are interested in, as well as romantic relationships. If you put your foot down, it means that you are most often focused on yourself, you are the most important thing in life. Monotony and routine are a nightmare for you, and sacrificing yourself for another person is unacceptable stupidity.

People who have chosen this posture always know how to get their way. They can be bold, direct, even slightly rude, but they believe that this is a problem for others, not for themselves.

Posture C

You may find that people often accuse you of being untidy and carefree. You have your own way of life, you are not like others. You are able to dream about the impossible. Focusing on something important for a long time is not for you.

However, it is precisely such people who achieve success in the field of creativity.

Posture D

Scrupulousness, confidence, perfectionism, stubbornness are the qualities inherent in a person who has chosen this pose. Sincerity and honesty are your main advantages, but people sometimes perceive them as rudeness. You do not doubt your decisions, act precisely and purposefully, guided by reason and rarely revealing your feelings. Being straightforward can be a problem when dealing with people.

Your advantage is that, despite being somewhat cold, you have a big heart and are always ready to help those in need.

Posture E

Psychologists would say that you are very reserved. Probably, at school you could be considered a "gray mouse" because of your appearance, weak character, and instability to criticism. Any harsh word in your address provokes a ton of tears, so your loved ones know that they need to communicate with you carefully or not at all.

You also have good traits - it is because of your high susceptibility to emotional shocks that you feel the mood of other people well, and empathy helps you not to hurt others.

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